The Power of 4

The Jumpstartup team has recently become four members strong. But something recently interesting that I've noticed as CEO is the power that reaching four people sort of opens up.


It allows for votes to take place.

Now one person can bring something up for a vote and we can have a majority answer.

The Power of four at Jumpstartup

It allows us to split into teams for tasks that can double productivity.

At Jumpstartup, four heads are better than the original three

It allows us to organize, split up our efforts, and delegate tasks more effectively.

A four-person team is sturdy and standard for group projects.

Any more than that working on a singular project could make for too many cooks in the kitchen.

Which reminds me: remember that weird "Too Many Cooks" video? (Warning: Disturbing)

Don't spoil the broth.

As Jumpstartup has grown to four people, it has been awesome to see the team develop. I believe we now have everything we need to get the wheels in motion. New addition Brandon Dovgan, CFO, provides a fresh perspective and brings a strong business background to the table.

This week we are applying to Masslight. Our first team goal to welcome our new CFO is to get one sale this week. Things are looking up as we begin to finalize our site and start up an ad spend. We are also going to be popping into reddit soon. Can't wait for that!

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