The Health Benefits of Being a Fitness Founder

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

I opened up my 1st gym based on opportunity. Someone was looking for a roommate in a commercial space in 2019. It was a tiny place only about 1000 sq feet- but it was enough. I had (and still do every day) an overwhelming urge to share the empowering effects of a good workout with everyone. Helping people uncover their “hidden powers” brings me joy and I get so excited for them. It's such a fulfilling job.

When I'm having a bad time as an entrepreneur, I remind myself that this business was placed on my heart for a reason- it wasn’t placed there so that I would fail. I also remind myself that whatever I am going through is only temporary, probably bigger in my head than it is in reality, things aren't always black and white and any troubles will soon pass. I then turn my attention to the people that have come to me for help and I gain clarity again.

The Health Benefits of Being a Business Founder | Jumpstartup

Since starting my own business I have gained confidence. I feel pretty unstoppable, like I can flourish in any situation, I am also better at removing emotions from my decision process. If I could go back and have a conversation with myself just before I started I would have a few important things to say. First is get used to working off the cell phone and get your Admin as soon as possible. My business really started to grow once I added her to the payroll. I'd encourage myself to stop playing small ball, your small thoughts will keep your business small. I'd tell myself to get help (a business coach or mastermind group) as soon as possible and surround yourself with people that have big ideas. Oh - and don’t hire that guy Vinny- he’s bad news, needs to man-splain everything. - Theresa Struck

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