10 Day on Day 10

Updated: Jan 17

As Jumpstartup's public age grows to a whole 10 days old, I am reminded of a classic mixtape by Chance the Rapper. His first project was started as a creative response to his 10-day suspension from his high school. As the legend goes, in this time, the project was created. It is impossible to know how long it really took, but that doesn't really matter. It's incredible from a writing, poetic, production, and conceptual standpoint, Chance swung for the fences on his debut project. There is a certain youthful freedom and rebellious attitude to its tongue-in-cheek lyrical content. Chance uses his vocal talent well, delivering his sing-songy lyrics in between verses of well-crafted clever rapping.

Track 3, Nostalgia, a forward-facing track for the future that really lands harder the older I get.

The song describes old childhood games and cartoon VHS tapes and other highlights of 90s youth that I know well. So at release, it covers nostalgia. As the original album now reflects an era of high school for me, the double stacking of the nostalgia factor is something that was well thought out on Mr. Bennett's part. Knowing the success Chance would see later in his career, this original mixtape kind of makes me believe it was never in doubt.

There is something to be said for working on a project with a future-thinking perspective. Chance's first project is just as good as his last. It's objectively different. Perhaps not as technically sound or well-produced, but the quality of the music and lyrics are just as good as his full studio albums. You can tell that it was made with limited resources, but the important thing is that now, its roughness simply adds to its charm and mystique. Chance the Rapper made his own path from here and 10 Day showed that his path was destined for success.

10 Days into being open for business, I believe there are a few lessons to be learned from 10 Day.

  • There is staying power in honesty and effort.

  • Being a bit rough around the edges can be endearing if the foundation is solid.

  • People identify with the story of the come-up more so than the reign on top.

  • Become undeniable in a way that the future seems a given.

  • Confidence is crucial for taking smart creative risks.

  • Create with the perspective that this work will hold up in 10 years and be pointed to as the clear starting point in this journey.

In order to enhance my abilities and spread the word about our product, I will be blogging more. I'm going to write a blog every day just for the practice. Not all will be published here on Jumpstartup or anywhere at all. But expect to see a few of the best ones every week.

Happy Monday everyone.

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