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A Business Jumpstart
For Founders, By Founders

Jumpstartup's mission is simple: To make it easier to start a business from scratch.  Ideal for small businesses and startups alike, we're here to save you time and money.    

When you're starting a business, it can be incredibly overwhelming. 

We make it faster, easier and simpler to start your business by providing a practical framework, a visceral roadmap and a variety of tools and services to save you time and money on the things that are integral to starting your business quickly and efficiently.  Our Alpha program gives you a practical how-to manual on starting a business in a digital form with templates, resources and activities that propel you along your path to success while tracking your progress the entire time.    

With so much out there, it can be hard to find the best resources.  Everyone seems like they are trying to scam you and the amount of information out there is staggering.  We bring it all into one place.  A launch pad for entrepreneurs.  Our program is not built for information seekers.  It is built for doers.  We cover the steps and show you the map, it's up to you to complete them. 

Our framework covers the 10 major steps in starting your business:

  • The Idea Phase

  • Legal Formation

  • Branding

  • Finalizing Plans

  • Beginning Operations

  • Establishing Financial Health and Accounting

  • Seeking Mentorship

  • Assembling Your Team

  • Building Your Company Culture

  • Sales, Marketing and P.R.

Every section is jam packed with resources, actionable steps, worksheets, literature, social activities, templates along side the professionals and services needed to effectively complete them.   Our  framework itself is organized in an order that is optimal for saving you the most important resources for an entrepreneur: time and money.  If you do one step per day, you will finish the program in 90 days.  Voila!

Online Guide & Workbook

Our program covers our framework in a concise manner.  With direct links to resources, literature, professionals, this guide lays out the steps in a linear format designed to allow the entrepreneur to start from the nucleus of their business idea, no matter the industry.  We provide the activities and templates to move the entrepreneur along their path to success in a timely manner.

1:1 Support

Our team is behind you every step of the way.  As this is our Alpha version, we are doing everything that our AI will eventually do, by hand.  We function as a concierge service to find you what you need to build your business.  We know our framework inside and out and will be there if you need extra help or get stuck.

Founder's Smart Card

Our Founder's Smart Card allows you to transfer your contact info, website and more with the tap of the card to any NFC enabled smartphone.

Find Local Networking Events

Get invited to exclusive networking events hosted both online and in person by Jumpstartup and our partners.


Our program is similar to an e-course in that it covers our framework with fully narrated modules in 90 concrete steps.  Through our platform users can keep track of their progress as they go an unlock badges, certificates and NFTs as they work through it.  It is fully compatible for mobile users as well who like to work on the go.

Founder's Network

Members receive access to our exclusive Founder's Network.  Show off your badges and network with other entrepreneurs using our platform.    Once your business is ready to sell, we will connect you with more experienced founders and provide opportunities to continue your journey.  We can't wait to have you join our community!

Partner & Affiliate Discounts

Access  exclusive deals and discounts to our professional and affiliate partners.

Mercurio, Our AI Assistant

Receive early access to our powerful AI tool.  Ask Mercurio questions and get powerful results, vetted by real life founders to provide you that extra push when you get stuck. 

Your Journey Starts Here

 🚨 Free Access to our DIY 90 Day Business Bootcamp 🚨

Coming Soon to Jumpstartup

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Our AI tool that will automatically recommend resources, professionals, services, literature and steps based on your progress and location.


Industry Specific Addendums

Written by successful founders, addendums will serve as the 11th chapter breaking down the details of specific industries and business models.

Expert Workshops

Video and live workshops on specific topics of interest focusing on information both inside and outside of our existing materials.

What Our Clients Say

Theresa Struck, Founder of Struck Fitness

This is exactly the resource I needed for starting my fitness business.  Without it, I was spinnning my wheels for a long time wondering what steps I should be taking.  I'm recommending it to my husband!

Still finalizing your plans?

Book a full 90 minute Co-Founder Consultation to get the wheels turning and explore how we can further assist your entrepreneurial journey. 

We'll play the role of a co-founder with you and offer tools, connections, and ideas for your startup business. 

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We're here to free the enterepreneurs.

Our DIY Entrepreneurship program is completely free


Even if you don't have the money to start right now, you can start working on your dreams today.  Time is money.
So what are you waiting for?

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