About Us

Jumpstartup is a company founded to help the next billion entrepreneurs take their ideas and turn them into successful businesses. 

Founded by two small business owners Emmanuel Onate (Owner of Complete Cleaners) and Jonathan Durkin (CEO of Beach Bike Boys), during the COVID-19 lockdown and further developed under Arizona State's Venture Devils program, Jumpstartup's goal is to make it faster and easier to start a business.  

To do this we created a 10 Step Framework based on our experiences starting our own small businesses. 

We created Jumpstartup to be the starting point for people who are ready to become entrepreneurs. 

Our Alpha Program answers the question:

What needs to be done and in what order to most efficiently start my business?

We wanted to provide solutions, resources, and actionable steps all throughout the journey.  We also have created a community space on Discord so that no founder will have to go it alone. 

Our Alpha Stage program is only a taste of our complete vision.

We are working to add AI-driven smart recommendations, remote business coaching, partner discounts, an entrepreneurship concierge and so much more. 

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